The Coast: Verse The Sun rises

It was a solo project at first, but Verse the Sun started getting buzz locally and Cody Hicks knew he had to capitalize on that and start a band so he could tour. "I was working on a full length thing, I wanted to spread music to more people and be able to get out there and play live," he says. "Which is better than spreading it on the internet. I just wanted to get out there and have fun with it." The result is the apocalyptic-themed concept album And Moon, a mix of ambient, upbeat and heavy alt-rock that really let's Hicks get loose. The live shows are "very energetic," says Hicks. "There's a lot of crowd interaction and involvement. It's really fun, but at the same time there's ambient moments, so it's pretty intense."

Saturday, February 16, 10pm, Gus' Pub & Grill, 2605 Agricola Street, $6

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