REVIEW: Verse The Sun and Moon from
Weighing in at 55 minutes this album contains a good mixture of blues metal, power pop and rock ballads. My favourite tracks on the album are "Light Years", an uplifting power pop tune that picks up tempo mid way through, and "In Orbit", a seven minute ballad which hints at heartache, love and loneliness in the depths of space. "Nothing Left" is my least favourite track on the album; it sounds like it belongs in a broadway musical, with people smiling, dancing and kicking their legs higher than you believed possible. You'll either love or hate "Nothing Left", similar to Metallica's infamous "Trapped Under Ice". [Read More...]
REVIEW: Verse The Sun And Moon from The Baron
"Taking influences from 1990s alternative rock (Alice in Chains, Mudhoney, Butthole Surfers, etc.) and post-rock (Sigur Ros, Mogwai, etc.); Hicks’ concept follows a futuristic, post-dystopian, sci-fi, apocalyptic storyline. Following a tribe of people, the story focuses on their search for new pastures as the end of the world approaches. To take things even deeper conceptually, instead of a straight forward narrative, the album takes a character-driven approach, each song representing a different character’s point of view." [Read More...]